Awaken: Office Kits For First Jobbers (Student Project)

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Designer: Natthaya Thanasaenchok
Project Type: Student Project
School: Mahidol University International College
Course: Senior Thesis Project
Tutor: Norachai Nanthakij
Location: Bangkok, Thailand
Packaging Contents: Office kit, self commodities
Packaging Materials: Paper, aluminium, plastic

First time employees are a group of people who are new to the work routine. This may cause them to feel over-excited and panic-stricken in various situations and in their new work environment. ‘Awaken’ is a series of office kits for first time employees. The project aims to help those in their new careers by offering products for work and for self-confidence. Together there are three collections of kits, a general one for work, one for men and another for women. Take a break from your worries and enjoy work life!

What’s Unique?
The graphics that were applied onto the packaging helps to highlight clear communication, plus entertaining the audience with humorous information. The kits can be carried easy, which is suitable for first jobbers.