Derrick Lin


Designers: Marta Suslow, Mara Holterdorf
Developed with: Weidenhammer Packaging Group
Project Type: Commercial Work
Location: Berlin, Germany
Packaging Contents: Butter
Packaging Materials: Plastic

The packaging project “Butter Plus“© has been developed in cooperation with the Weidenhammer Packaging Group, Europe’s leading supplier of packages and the DVI – the German Institute of Packaging and the University of Applied Sciences Berlin. The idea was to create a new handy butter packaging. The packaging is based on the IMA – In mould assembling technology and has been tested in a thermoforming process. Next to the packaging the Corporate Design of the wrapping has been developted. Currently Weidenhammer is preparing the packaging for a large-scale production after patenting the new concept.

What’s Unique?
The functionality and unique shape: by using two injection molded pieces you can easily open, reopen, swing around, and close the butter.