Danelle Bohane – Wedding Package

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Derrick Lin


Agency: THINK Packaging
Illustration Design: Flosites
Packaging Artwork: Ian Ferguson, Friends of Design
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Danelle
Location: Auckland, New Zealand
Packaging Contents: USB, images
Packaging Materials: Cardboard

Danelle Bohane is an Auckland based wedding photographer. She travels throughout New Zealand and beyond for weddings on a regular basis, it is in her blood.

Over the past few years Danelle discovered that she enjoyed telling stories; not with the pen and paper but through what she sees with her camera – in particular, someone’s story. Danelle is passionate about capturing emotion and love in an organic way without interfering, just letting the story unfold in front of her…

…on the unfolding note – Danelle invited me to create a bespoke piece of packaging for her clients.

With inspiration from her newly launched website, the design has a geometric quality – neat angles and strong lines.

Building layers was an extremely important element to this piece, adding a real sense of discovery and joy for the momentous occasion of receiving such treasured imagery.

Danelle’s attention to detail in her work is paramount so I needed to make sure that the package reflected this.

To start, you have a beautiful square package. Once the sleeve is removed the geometrics come into play, the inner tray separates on the angle and opens either side unveiling the hero image. Under this, a delightfully thought through thank you & how to care for your images sheet. Then, the main event. Neatly sunk into the base of the package is the USB with the special day captured.