Derrick Lin


Agency: Viewpoint
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Location: Moscow, Russia
Packaging Contents: Beer

Shakesbeer Beer Store searches for and chooses the most interesting and unusual types of beer for its buyers. At present Shakesbeer has decided to start up its own trademark, for which three unusual recipes of English beer were chosen: refreshing crafted beer, superior ale and strong fine ale.

They consulted us on this task.

We developed the image of Mr. Smith – the expert and the pub/bar frequenter, who travels incognito all over the world searching for new special types of beer and who actually knows everything about this beverage.

On the one hand it was important for us to make the design categorical, and on the other hand – to make it unique and easy to remember, as the product is aimed at young people, who adore proprietary (craft) and unusual types of beer.

The line is represented by three different types: refreshing crafted beer, superior ale and strong fine ale. Each of them has its own history in the newspaper and color coding. For more detailed information on taste on the back label there is a five-grade system of evaluation of beer aroma, density, bitterness, sweetness and strength.