Smith (Student Project)

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Derrick Lin


Designer: Alaa Abuamra
Project Type: Student Project
School: York /Sheridan College
Packaging Content: Tie
Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

The tie package consists of one piece of paper that can be rolled or kept flat to store men’s ties. The package contains no adhesive, therefore, it’s easy to stack and assemble. The package allows the user to store ties in different ways depending on the available space.The package can be kept flat where it becomes a hanger for the tie and can be packed in travel bag. The package can be placed in a vertical position where the user can pull the tie form the top and be able to store more ties in a smaller space. The tie can be placed in horizontal position where the tie can be pulled like a tape from the front slit.

Communication Objective
The purpose of this package design is to design a more sustainable package for ties. The package will allow men to pack their ties faster and keep them organized based on category.