Wada Prawns (Student Project)

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Designer: Dananjaya Basnayake
Project Type: Student Project
School: University of Morotuwa
Course: Bachelor of Design
Location: Sri Lanka
Packaging Contents: Seafood
Packaging Materials: Paper

This is an improvement with using folding methods and different shape of a current packaging design (paper plate) which is used for distribute the food items by vendors in Galle face beach area in Sri Lanka. Identification of problems in current situation Contemporary consumer is having some troubles on this existing situation like less protection for the food while they are eating. Because of some affects from outside like naturally crows are picking those taste food items on that plate unconsciously. Then consumer has not time to protect their food items from that animal. Likewise people have not that proper accessibility to use that plate for their cleanliness and healthy.

What’s Unique?
According to the design structure of this packaging system the form can be change into a plate or a box with providing an usability for the consumers. It make them more comfortable than current usage of normal plate.through this product packaging system is focused on modern people who are following some eco friendly concept like sustainability.