10 Projects You Shouldn’t Miss In July

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Derrick Lin


July has some of the most creative concepts featured here on Packaging of the World. Here are 10 creative packaging projects that has the highest posts views, social shares, social likes and people reached for the month of July 2015.

McDonald’s ‪Big Mac ‪‎concept ‪packaging designed by Jessica Stoll

This packaging is simple at its core. Its purpose is not to alter the orbit of the globe or solve world hunger (quite the opposite, in fact). Its goal is capture the simple delight of a child opening up a Happy Meal, while understanding that reality is often hectic and complicated.


Møller/Barnekow ‬‪‎Concept‬ packaging‬ designed by Rasmus Erixon & Tobias Möller

“Style and smart of the go”. Our mission was to create a packaging that aligns perfectly with a current lifestyle trend: meals that are eaten on the go, straight our of the pack. We created a concept that includes a stylish and smart on-the-go meal packaging solution.


Wash Powder – Tear Off A Scoop concept designed by Yang Guo, Qiaoge Yang & Wenju Wu

It’s usually difficult to control the amount of washing powder that comes out of the container when you’re ready to wash your clothes, so it’s handy to use a scoop. But, sometimes you just don’t have one. This washing powder bag can solve the problem: when you tear the bag along the dotted line, the torn part can be easily used as a scoop.


Urban Oasis ‪gardening kit‬ ‎packaging‬ designed by Andrea Mangone

Urbanoasis wants to reconnect people with nature in the urban environment by making growing vegetables on your balcony a fun, educative and engaging experience. The package includes a pot, dried soil+fertiliser, gardening tools, seeds and a watering can. The pot, with its modern and minimal look, was designed to fit perfectly both on a balcony or indoor.


Oatbirds designed by Daria Zhuchkova

Oatbirds is highly natural and tasty oat milk. Designed by Daria Zhuchkova for her Diploma project at British High School of Art and Design.


‎Butter‬ Plus ‪convenient‬ ‪packaging‬ designed by Marta Suslow & Mara Holterdorf (Developed with: Weidenhammer Packaging Group)

The idea was to create a new handy butter packaging. The packaging is based on the IMA – In mould assembling technology and has been tested in a thermoforming process. Next to the packaging the Corporate Design of the wrapping has been developted. Currently Weidenhammer is preparing the packaging for a large-scale production after patenting the new concept.


Premier Is‬ ‎concept‬ ‎icecream‬ ‪packaging‬ designed by Martin Klein

Most people have a hard time differentiating the ice cream companies in Denmark. “Premier Is” was one of the first ice cream companies in Denmark, and they are still using fresh cream and natural ingredients in their ice cream. The new design was created with authenticity, storytelling & credibility in focus, and every ice should stand out on its own while maintaining a clear connection to the rest of the series.


Milk & Honey Land ‪packaging‬ designed by Depot WPF

City dwellers are fed up with cliches. We no longer believe in the charm of ‘French’ bakeries and ‘Italian’ pizza restaurants. We look for real emotions, not for just another craft, heritage or vintage pastiche. ‘Milk and honey land’ performs as a distributor for several farms, delivering to its customers meat, poultry, milk, bread …and emotions — adorable for their innocence & naivete.


PaperJohn ‪Concept‬ ‪paperbag‬ ‪backpack‬ packaging‬ designed by OGATA UG

The PaperJohn is a paper bag, which through its novel handles can be utilized as a backpack, with the aim being that the user is not restraint in any other way while carrying the goods. Not only does it solve the transportation problem that arises while shopping on the bike, but it also offers a maximum of freedom while carrying goods.


Mama Mafia ‪Takeout‬ ‪‎food‬ ‎packaging‬ designed by Dima Je

Take-away packaging for «Mama Mafia». Is a delivery service which specializes on Italian and Japanese cuisines. The concept of the service is a mix of the home-taste food like «from mama», the delivery speed which faster than a bullet from Tommy gun, and a strict quality control, worthy of Yakuza.