Aurum 24K (Concept)

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Derrick Lin


Agency: Puigdemont Roca
Project Type: Concept
Location: Barcelona, Spain
Packaging Contents: Mineral Water

This project was carried out under commission for a client who sells a luxury sparkling wine with 24k gold powder.

In this case, he wanted to launch a high price premium water with gold particles. So he wanted a high quality image, which helped the product to be sold.

The concept we proposed to the client was to show snowy mountains on the bottle, which are the origin of the water, but with GOLD sparks falling from the sky and laying on the mountain instead of snow, turning upside down the usual image of the mountains in the water industry.

In order to enhance the product with an even higher quality image, we proposed to make individual cases in the shape of a gold ingot with a shiny golden finishing, including a matt golden ink serigraphy of the mountains to counteract.

The final result is a super premium product, which stands out in the shelves of delicatessen shops and dresses up any table providing the product with a quality image that matches its real price.