Imtenan Herbal Remedies

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Derrick Lin


Creative Agency: Matter
Client: Imtenan
Location: Cairo, Egypt
Project Type: Commercial Work

Imtenan Herbal Remedies’s old packaging offered very minimal visual cues, that failed to capture the essence of the product. Harmony, balance and relief are what herbal remedies are all about, but none of these features where communicated through that old medical package design that bustled with a cacophony of clashing colors and conflicting patterns. Our point of departure was to make the package relatable to target consumers; most of who are nature-lovers. We got rid of the meaningless generic pictures that did more harm than good to the brand, and then we developed crisp and vibrant original aquarelle paintings of blossoming plants, reflecting a genuine appreciation for nature’s gifts. The result is an overall beautifully harmonious design that got this product flying off the shelves!