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Derrick Lin


Agency: Erlien Setiawan
product Photo: Isac Bolivar
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Nutify Indonesia
Location: Indonesia
Packaging Contents: Mixed Nuts and Dried Fruits
Packaging Materials: Metallized Paper

Nutify is a healthy mix of nutritious nuts and flavorful dried fruits. With “healthy” concept, it’s 100% natural. No salt, sugar, and preservatives added. The nuts are only roasted, not fried. It can be enjoyed by anyone.. Delicious yet healthy, make people snacking without any worries.

Nutify is available in 2 mixes, for HEART mix (contained nuts and fruits that good for heart’s health) and for BRAIN mix (contained nuts and fruits that support brain’s health).

What’s Unique?
The concept of the illustrations on the packaging is “natural” itself, represents the product. There are “mixed nuts” tree (each mix has it own tree), squirrel (who loves nuts) and landscape.