Balão Baleia Flash Drive

Derrick Lin


Agency: Yellowbean
Designer: Bruna Paz
Creative Director: Rafael Stecca
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Balão Baleia
Location: Santa Maria, Brazil
Packaging Contents: Flash drive
Packaging Materials: Paper, rubberband

Balão Baleia (Balloon Whale) is a playful brand that uses inspirational emotions to develop videos and party products. Under the video segment, the most frequent coverages are children’s birthdays and weddings. These videographic records are produced under a picky look and had won a trademark, the Pocket Video, but lacked a matchable deliverable for its products.

The solution was the creation of a package to bring the playfulness of the brand for a moment of surprise that precede the video.

Inside the box we keep the memory, and with a mix of graphics and typographic elements, we invite people to navigate in its memories. When opening the box, a mechanism made of paper and rubber raises a memory stick, which was the device chosen by the company to deliver the video and, hopefully, put a smile on the clients faces.