Comur Canned Fish



Agency: Can Design
Designer: Ana Lisa Luças
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: A Comur – Fábrica de Conservas da Murtosa, Lda
Location: Portugal
Packaging Contents: Fish
Packaging Materials: Carton

We were asked to make a new image for all the product range. This is a factory that as been working since 1942, the range had no image consistence. They created new packaging when needed and normally internal with out specialized designers

What’s Unique?
Our job was to give all range, 35 different fish products, a new image that could give visual unity, easy product distinction. The factory uses a typical cardboard and did not want to change, So we used the same box but instead of using it horizontal we made it vertical so it can have a different reading in the supermarket shelves.