Topo Wines Redesigned



Agency: Argency
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Topo Wines
Location: Mendoza, Argentina
Packaging Contents: Wine

Topo Wines presents its new packaging design. The new labels embody the true essence of the brand by focusing into its own history.

At first, Topo Wines started as the two great wine enthusiasts’ initiative who decided to launch their own project. As a matter of fact, both partners select the best lots of wine, that belong to different wineries, so they can later bottle it under Topo Wines brand, making it easy to be sold directly to the customers.

Like its name suggests, Topo Wines refers to the mole, one of the species with better sense of smell in the entire animal kingdom. The idea of drawing a parallel between the ability of de mole and Topo Wines is finally realized in the constant search for distinctive wines the company has achieved. This new design was also conceived to match the concept of this innovative project.

The background lines drew on the new labels, represent all the way it takes to discover and search for the best lots of wine. The initial proposal was the one that remained the last. It was to make the colored square at the front of the label in such a way that the information contained within it could be easily changed. The little box in the centre holds the number of the lot, the varietal and the vintage, and can be differentiated one from another by varying the color.

What’s Unique?
Instead of having a front and a back label, the new design was made as a whole. Every given information is conveyed in a single piece. Despite its frugal design a feature of great unity shows up. Moreover, it is very simple to be printed since only two inks and a few resources are needed, so that the quality and warmth could be maintained in its execution. Also the bottle cap serves as another mean to tell the story of Topo Wines.