Barnhouse Relaunch (Concept)

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Designer: Stephanie Dingfeld
Project Type: Concept
Location: Hamburg, Germany
Packaging Contents: Cereals
Packaging Materials: Paper

When the company Barnhouse was founded back in 1979 the idea was to introduce crunchy cereals to the German market. Both founders used to live in the UK and after they returned to Germany they brought their idea to life. They called their product “Krunchy”.

At that time they were the first who took care of matters like organic ingredients, a local production and a fair treatment for their suppliers. They grew slowly but steadily.

And they still do. Today as the market for organic products has become quite competitive their visual cues and codes make them look old-fashioned in a way that you neither would guess their company-history nor the origin of the product.

With the redesign of the brand the leverage into the organic 2.0 market could be done. My goal has been to achieve a plain and bold design that connect the consumer with the brand while telling a story. The logo shows the story of the company, the “barn” where they came from, organic is featured. Same time it got modernised, it got it’s black colour with the round shape. The shelf-impact is ensured. A colourful packaging design even enhances this while the beautiful illustrations gives an approachable feeling to the brand. The main benefit of the product, the crunchiness, has been clearly promoted by both, typography and product illustration.

What’s Unique?
The colourful design. The combination of illustration and a real product-shot. The redesigned black logo.