Once Upon a Farm



Agency: BexBrands
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Once Upon a Farm
Location: San Diego, USA
Packaging Contents: Baby Food
Packaging Materials: Plastic, Paper

Once Upon a Farm is one of a few new companies using HPP technology to maintain the flavors and nutrients of the pure and simple ingredients in baby food. We had a great time combining elements from our favorite fairy tales and childhood memories visiting farms. When we looked at current baby food, the shelves literally mimicked a box of crayons. We determined our customer was more sophisticated and would appreciate a more subdued palette, with tiny splashes of color to place emphasis on the drawings of fruits and veggies. We also left a tiny window at the bottom, to further emphasize the natural, wholesome qualities of each recipe.

What’s Unique?
Most baby food is incredibly unsophisticated, silly and über colorful. We took a more natural, whimsical approach using mostly black and white and just tiny pops of color to add emphasis to the fruits and vegetables.