Santa Rita

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Agency: Swedbrand
Sales & Marketing Manager: Johan Lilljebjörn
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Santa Rita
Location: Shanghai, China
Packaging Contents: Wine

When invited for dinner at a friend’s place, what should you bring?

The answer is often a bottle of wine. Indeed, 60% of wine packages are purchased to be given as a gift.

With this in mind, Santa Rita, one of Chile’s largest Wine Groups, contacted us to collaborate on their gift packaging.

Together with their national distributor, ASC Fine Wines, Santa Rita approached us with the challenge of creating an upgraded premium twin pack for their “120” line. The 2 bottles should be attractively packed to stand out on the shelf, easy to carry and ready to be given as a present. It goes without saying that the packaging needed to be resistant as well, as the glass bottles must arrive safely at the destination.

To limit the amount of material used while saving on storage space and transportation costs, our design team came up with an ingenious design of folding the once-upon traditional square packaging into 2 triangles, each containing one bottle. Following the easy geometric rule, when these 2 triangles are put together they form a square (but of a smaller area than if the bottles would have been side by side). As for the graphic design, the colors red and gold were chosen to represent China’s national colors. Furthermore, the outline of Santa Rita’s Royal Crest was cut out of the packaging to make it stand out from the bottle’s label.

What came out of the process was a unique 2 wine bottle package, safe and easy to carry thanks to its vertical handles. Due to its modifiable folding, the strong construction offers several possibilities on how to proudly present and display the Santa Rita bottles.

Carrying a gift wrapped wine bottle to your friends and family has just become a whole lot easier.

“We are very pleased with the final design for our Santa Rita Twin Pack. Swedbrand understood the idea we had behind creating an original and attractive, easy to carry gift pack.

The entire process, from ideation, design to production was very efficient. We were in constant contact with Swedbrand’s design team, who took note of all our comments and really understood the outcome we were trying to achieve. Once all design was finished, Swedbrand also sourced the production through a resourceful network of suppliers, which turned them into a cost efficient, high quality “one stop shop.” says Luis Estarreja – Export Sales Director for the Santa Rita Group