Savada – Spices of Indonesia (Student Project)

Derrick Lin


Agency: Josephine Tan & Maharani Yasmine
Project Type: Student Project
School: School of Visual Arts
Course: Corporate Identity
Tutor: Eric Baker
Location: New York, USA
Packaging Contents: Spices
Packaging Materials: Metal

Indonesia consists of thousands of islands, it is an archipelago in which in it, are packed with a rich cultures and natural resources. Spices in Indonesia has been a crucial part of the culture, Indonesian cuisine is known to be rich in flavors and with a distinct, unique aroma. Savada is an Indonesian spice company with products exclusively harvested from the islands of Indonesia. Diversity of Indonesian traditions and cultures are apparent visually with the hybrid of contemporary and traditional in Savada’s overall branding: sans serif type and long-established batik patterns in packaging, straight lines with wooden textures on interior. The brand is bringing a modern, luxurious approach to Indonesian spices. And introduces a brand new store concept such Spice Lab, where customers can come in and create their own customized spice blends to recreate unique Indonesian traditional delicacies.

Promoting the vast array of Indonesian spices, we selected five biggest islands of Indonesia and made five different collections so customers are familiarized with the distinct Indonesian taste. ‘Savada’ itself is inspired by the Sanskrit word of ‘Svada’ or ‘taste’. Sanskrit played a big role in the formation of today’s Indonesian language: Bahasa Indonesia.

What’s Unique?
The visual concept of the project is a hybrid of traditional elements in Indonesian culture and a modern approach in the design world. We reimagined the spice packaging to be contemporary so that it could be more approachable to international market as well. All of the colors, patterns, and elements used in the design are selected with careful consideration, for example, each pattern used to represent the name card was inspired by the traditional fabric that comes from the five biggest spice islands in Indonesia. The five different spice collections were curated carefully to represent the culinary taste of each spice islands. All of the packaging printed and photographs taken all required hands-on production.