Derrick Lin


Designer: Nan Napas
Project Type: Student Project
School: Pratt
Course: Packaging design
Location: NYC, USA
Packaging Contents: Perfume
Packaging Materials: Marble, Glass, Paper

This is a perfume branding and packaging design class in 2014 at Pratt institute. The perfume itself was produced by 7 rare florals and spices around the world, I designed the concept of this brand to reflect luxury and unique identities of people who wore it. The brand’s name derived from the believe that when you died your body would loss 21 grams and that weight contained your soul. The name 21 very well expresses uniqueness which is our brand philosophy.

Moreover I decided to use the triangle shape because this geometric shape could reflect mystery feeling and if the shape has sex I think triangle means woman, the character of this type of woman is not soft and gentle but she is very headstrong, confident and progressive. As described above all my design decision reflects the brand concept and the characters of who our target are.