Broto D’água Hidropônicos

Derrick Lin


Agency: Triocom
Hydroponic Package: Matheus G. Corseuil, Estevan B. Marques, Lucas Matheus
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Broto D’água Hidropônicos
Location: Aguás de Cahpecó/SC, Brazil
Packaging Contents: Hydroponic Vegetables
Packaging Materials: Plastic

A farmer want to make your hydroponic product more appealing to the public. By several factors such as: What it produces is more nutritious, well maintained and in compliance with all required standards. Then you got the idea to work with a design studio in order to inform more cleanly and clearly your product. Since the beginning of the project plan to the new company name.

From now is born Broto D’água Hidropônicos (Water Sprout Hydroponics, English version), a horticultural farm that aims to extract the best and most succulent flavors of products developed with hydroponics. The company is located in the city of Águas de Chapecó / SC. The west end of Santa Catarina.

What’s Unique?
We work with a color palette other than what was normally used by competitors at the national level ( Brazil ). Seeking to work with a print fewer colors, but also vibrant, with iconization of products offered . Making this more easily identify.