Klässbols Linen Factory (Student Project)



Designers: Liza Pedersen & Sophia Wimmerstedt
Project Type: Student Project
School: Broby Grafiska
Location: Karlstad, Sweden
Packaging Contents: Linen cloths
Packaging Materials: Paper, Cartoon

Deep into the Swedish woods is Klässbols linen factory; a factory run by the third and fourth generation of the Johansson family. Today Klässbols has a special place in Swedish homes; it is associated with perfect craftsmanship and tradition, as a fine cloth you pick up or give away on holidays and other special occasions. Klässbols is well known as a fine Swedish handicrafts.

Klässbols breaths tradition and quality and they only work with linen and conveys a handmade and qualitative sense, which has provided them with prestigious assignments for the Swedish embassies but also the Swedish royal family. Together with well known designers, they’ve built up a brand that conveys tradition, modern patterns and even a textile heritage.

What’s Unique?
Our mission was to take them from handicraft to modern design by developing their packaging products and to give them a more modern and premium feeling. We have created a series of packaging with a timeless and classic design, so the packaging will lasts for century after century.