Klässbols Linen Weavery (Student Project)

Derrick Lin


Designers: Patrik Forsberg & Daniel Koefoed
Project Type: Student Project
School: Broby Grafiska
Location: Sweden
Packaging Contents: Textile, Cloth
Packaging Materials: Corrugated board, folding carton

The Klässbol linen weavery, located in Värmland, Sweden, wants to attract a more design oriented target group without losing their current customers. Allthough they have a strong and trustworthy brand and clients including the Nobel Prize Banquet, the Swedish and Norwegian embassies across the world as well as the Swedish Royal Court they are still seen as a handicraft company by many. With the new packaging we have aimed to give the company a more clean and simple expression, yet keeping it elegant enough not to alienate their current, more conservative consumer base.

The window on the standard line of packaging was inspired by the punch cards used in the loom during production. The products in the Nobel collection are sold in a separate line of packaging with the Nobel emblem in gold as the main element. The simple construction of the packaging consists of two parts, an inner tray made out of corrugated fiberboard and an outer sleeve in thick cardboard. While the sleeve is glued on one side, the tray is completely glue-free and simply folds in place.

This makes it easy to transport from the factory and assemble in the store.