Milk & Cheese from Mauritania (Student Project)



Designers: Nour Gohar & Khadija El Sharawy
School: German University in Cairo
Location: Cairo, Egypt
Supervisor: Ahmad Saqfalhait
Project Type: Student Project

Global communication is about translating a country’s heritage, culture, behaviour and applying it on functional and practical design. Focusing specifically on the Arab-speaking region, we chose to create a packaging project for the food and beverage culture in Mauritania. After doing thorough research, we narrowed down the products to camel milk and camel cheese called “Zrig” as it is one of their most prominent products. Throughout this entire project, we got to know Mauritania inside out, as a country and as a rich culture. We also discovered that it is not just a primitive desert land, but it rather has a heavy culture of colors, patterns and tribes that give Mauritania an entire new outlook. Hence, we were able to design a purely Arabic and authentic design for this country in respect to its culture and translate it to economical and crafty packaging.

The milk packaging is mainly targeted for children and that’s why we came up with the three characters to engage the target audience with the main animal they eat and drink from which is the camel. The cheese is a more cultural tribute to the women of Mauritania who mostly handcraft tents and clothing made of those patterns everyday.