Prix – L’Artisan Parfumeur for the 21st Century (Concept)

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Designed by Janice Gan in collaboration with jkr
Project Type: Concept
Packaging Content: Perfume
Location: Singapore

The initial design inspiration came from the idea of a crystal trophy. I want my target users to visualize my design as a trophy. Like something they would be proud of owning and is of great significance to them. This comes to me as an inspiration because of some other factors as well, such as cost of the perfume and how they serve like a decorative piece when placed at homes. When we think of items that are costly like these, we take especially good care of it and would like to show or present it to everyone else which also explains my main idea of making the bottles looking like the shape of a crystal trophy.

My idea is further enhanced by the use of colours, whereby emotions are being associated and translated into colours for each of the fragrance. Each colour plays a unique role and emotion to the scent. This set of perfume is named as Prix, a french word for Award/Prize, which is exactly what the form is trying to portray. Prix is definitely the one and only personalized perfume that one should own!