Agency: Murray Brand Communications, Inc.
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Superior Grocers, Inc.
Location: Commerce, CA, USA
Packaging Contents: Paper products and tableware
Packaging Materials: Plastic film

Superior Grocers – It’s Superior Private Label Tableware & Paper Products

Having developed a new master brand packaging architecture for Superior Grocers’ private label line of products, Murray Brand Communications began the roll out of the design to a number of product categories including Superior’s line of 20 tableware and paper product SKUs. Recognizing the brand’s prior generation of packaging lacked the graphic consistency essential to convey a desirable level of perceived product quality, Murray Brand’s design team focused on ensuring the paper product line employed the same graphic signature used for It’s Superiors’ other product lines. What’s more, packaging copy was minimized to preserve a clear layout and communicate the straight-forward value that is a fundamental component of the brand’s core essence.

What’s Unique?
A clean and consistent look that Superior had not been able to achieve with its previous generation of packaging.