Teruel Foods Olive Oil



Designed by Mr Fox Talbot & Raul Gomez
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Sanchoil Ltd
Location: London, UK
Packaging Contents: Extra Virgin Olive oil – Juice of olives

The olive oil market hasn’t developed in the last thirty years whilst other food products have changed dramatically. Wine menus in Restaurants three decades ago where simple: Red, white and if you were lucky Rose. Nowadays you can find a bible with the wine in many of them! Same with the bottled water: From a Glaciar in Iceland, from rain in Fiji, … .Even the Asian whiskies are gaining market share globally too! Why olive oil hasn’t changed at all? Here goes our answer.

First of all, the product is not left with many labelling opportunities from designers as the product has an specific labelling legislation in the EU (and followed mainly in the US), so designers are not left to a lot of originality sadly. The reason for this specific legislation has been the tricks used by the main olive oil producers. Now a days a big brand is being sued in the US for trying to lie to customers as they bottle the oil in Tuscany (Italy) but that’s the only Tuscan bit of the oil.

Secondly, we wanted to give a real advantage to customers by creating a new packaging for the product. We think the future of olive oil will go this way. Thirdly, there is a beautiful story behind based on the Teruel Lovers and the passion we put in life to things.

In addition, we have tried to create something that breaks in the shelves of any supermarket, making sure it catches attention and it’s not another tacky greenish label. There is more about sustainability and eco-friendliness with the local producers and the pouch itself, but I’ve no idea what you want us to highlight.

What’s Unique?
The main selling point is the fact we state the number of olives inside every pouch. It may sound obvious but almost every big brand blend oils can’t indicate how many olives they’ve used. Our product is better than the Extra Virgin Olive oil standard, ours is purely a juice of X olives. That number varies every harvest.

Another advantages for the customers are the mobility of the pouch itself making it perfect to take it to the office or to a picnic. It’s also great as it doesn’t break if it breaks by accident. Take also into account the fact you can measure better how much you pour (smaller diameter than regular glass bottles from competitors) it’s also an incentive to let customers save money too.