Vkus.me Food Products

Derrick Lin


Agency: Pavlov’s design
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Russkiy moroz
Location: Ryazan, Russia
Packaging Contents: Frozen food products

Meet our new frozen convenience food products under the trademark “Vkus.me”.

Pavlov’s Design Agency has developed a package design for the full range of frozen convenience Italian sandwiches. The first product in the line is “Chicken Panini”. It is now available on a market. Vkus.me is a completely new range of frozen convenience foods by “Russkiy moroz”. To get a tasty meal you will only need to heat the contents of the package. Nourishing and very easy to cook, it would become a complete meal or just a snack. Vkus.me series uses a whole variety of traditional and beloved recipes and products.