5 Reasons You Need to Use Christmas Packaging

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Written by Joe Hickman. Packaging Specialist of Charlotte Packaging and writer for Packaging of the World.

Not convinced by Christmas packaging, too stubborn to make a change or simply don’t see the benefits? Here are five reasons why you absolutely NEED to utilize seasonal packaging:

#5 Everyone’s Doing It

[Image: Fortnum & Mason Christmas Range by Design Bridge]

Sure, you’re not supposed to bow to peer pressure but if all your competitors are doing it and you’re not then you’ll lose your competitive edge. This may sound a little bit silly, but think about it like this: if you’re in the festive mood and you’re looking for chocolate, which product are you going to pick up – the one in normal packaging or the one with snowflakes and reindeer?

Keep up with the rest of your industry by taking on seasonal packaging and you won’t have to worry about being over taken by your competitors – just make sure you take your time to design it well.

#4 It Looks Pretty
[Image: Cadbury Christmas Range by Design Bridge]

Call it vanity if you will, but making sure that your packaging looks pretty is the best way to engage potential customers. We touched on it briefly above, but having pretty snowflakes, Santa Claus, reindeer and snow people on your packaging makes your product much more enticing to your customers. At a time of year when everything is baubles, glitter and fairy lights, it is a good idea to go the extra mile to ensure that your product stands out.

#3 Increase Your Sales

Seasonal product or not, if you have Christmas packaging it has been proven that you will see an increase in sales. It’s bizarre, but if people associate your product with the seasonal festivities then they’re far more likely to make an impulse purchase. If you traditionally go through a stagnant period around this time of year then the solution could well be seasonal packaging designs!

If you’re sick of below par sales around Christmas then try to utilise seasonal packaging and see if this makes a difference – you never know, it could be exactly what your product is missing.

#2 Inject Personality

[Image: allenran917 under CC 2.0]

Want to make your brand stand out? Seasonal packaging lets you do this in a highly creative way – perfect for making an impression on your audience. This is particularly important for any company that has been struggling to connect with its audience on a personal level. Having Christmas themed packaging helps to show your company’s character while appearing friendly and open. You literally have an open invitation to be as wild and wacky or as sober and professional as possible, letting you define your business exactly the way you want to.

#1 Launch New Products

[Image: Morrisons Christmas by Elmwood]

There really is no better way to launch a new product around this time of year than to do it with Christmas packaging. Not only do you have the benefit of it being a new product, but you can tailor it perfectly for a winter launch.

Christmas is a great time to start a campaign as well, so if you’re launching a new product then using it to lead a campaign for your entire business is also a good idea. This will take a lot of forward planning however, so make sure that you start designing your campaign and packaging now – the sooner you start, the more time you’ll have to ensure that everything is perfect.

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Joe Hickman is the Packaging Specialist of Charlotte Packaging. Charlotte Packaging is a family run business with over 40 years of experience in the packaging industry. They are specialists in providing custom printed plastic and paper packaging to both local and international companies.