Brahma Beatbrations

Derrick Lin


Agency: BridgerConway
Presidents: Marcelo Bridger & Santiago Felippelli Conway
CEO: Alejandro Tinivelli
Creative Director: Fernando Arendar
Creative Team: Emiliano Ocantos, Macarena Hernandez, Anita Terranova
Account Director: Alejandra Pouchot
Account Manager: Yvette Fernández Cagigao
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Ab Inbev, Cervepar
Location: Paraguay
Packaging Contents: Beer
Packaging Materials: Can, Glass Bottle

BridgerConway was chosen by Brahma Paraguay to develop a special edition of their pack related to music.

In this way, the agency has developed a concept that stands on music in a non-traditional way, showing it in its purest way. Within the idea of cymatics, the particular science of sound vibrations in matter, we’ve designed a can that shows the frequencies shaped by the force of sound.

The concept needed a name symbolizing the translation of the music into images, and “Beatbrations” fitted perfectly.
Such was the success of “Beatbrations”, that Brahma decided to extend this special edition to an event under the same name.