Gloves Verri

Derrick Lin


Designer: Didier Roberti
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Verri / Walmart
Location: Mexico
Packaging Contents: Gloves
Packaging Materials: Plastic

At the request of Verri, gloves for sports uses, redesigning the packaging of four models of gloves and a belt was requested. Verri® need to be present to be consistent with their competitors on the shelves of stores Walmart®.Los gloves and belts were separated into two categories: “amateur” and “pro”, each of these lines is under a concept. As for “Amateur” packaging must be friendly and providing security for the customer that is just beginning in sports practices, are comfortable and generate empathy with the product. “Pro” is aimed at an audience that already performs frequently sport and expects a plus of the product, the packaging that conveys professionalism and technology.