GoldCoast Skateboard Bearings



Art Direction & Design: Dustin Ortiz
Copywriting: Chris Brunstetter
Product Photography: Steven Stone
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Location: USA

After months of development, testing, re-testing, and designing we are proud to introduce GoldCoast Bearings. Three levels of fast that can upgrade any ride you use them on. Let’s get to know these rockin’ rollers shall we?

From Zurich to Zermatt, everyone knows that when you want precision, you can’t miss with Swiss. Helshredica Swiss Bearings by GoldCoast deliver maximum speed in minimalist design. Stainless steel cases, polyurethane races, Swiss level precision balls, and lubricant that makes the smallest hill feel like the Matterhorn.

“In a world without justice, one man must battle against all odds to defeat a tyrranical robot army, save his daughter from certain doom, all in time to defend his Arm Wrestling Championship belt!” GoldCoast’s VHS (Very High Speed) Bearings are custom designed, precision built, and will keep you rolling longer than the end credits. Constructed with stainless steel balls, polyurethane races, and Teflon™ lubricant, GoldCoast VHS bearings are smoother than a Segal ponytail and faster than a Van Damme front kick.

GoldCoast’s Rolleroid Bearings are designed to develop fun instantly. Our special chemical development process lubricates these stainless steel beauties to achieve breathtaking results every time. Daylight, low light, even at night, Rolleroid Bearings always capture the momentum and deliver memories to last a lifetime.