Hoseo University Student Projects December 2015



You might have seen the packaging submission entries by the students of Hoseo University in April. Student projects have always displayed ideas and creativity not bounded by any restrictions. This time, we have even more entries – most projects are on a red ginseng brand called “Osambang”. If you are a fan of ginseng or Asia packaging, you’ll be enjoying this post!

Herbmi by Choi-jeehye
Packaging Contents: Vietnam Food

This ricepaper has the flavor of herb. Ricepaper is the product made out of rice that used widely in Vietnam. Added scent of herb in ricepaper doubles the taste within the dishes, causing the combination of flavor and scent at the same time. There is variety of herb you can look for. There are basil, lavender, peppermint, and melissa officinalis herb. The concept of the package is the flavor itself. Those of you who don’t know well about the information related to herb, we are going to show off its images and colorful appearances for better understanding. Also, we will provide the ways of consuming it with low-calorie food, and how to organize it. We used calligraphy font to make natural impression, and fallen leaves to add the sense of herb regarding logotype.

Haeroot by Son Yae-lyn

The four representative root ingredients such as deodeok (mountain herb), ueong (burdock), mah (hemp), and chilk (kudzu) that are uncommon and hard for consumers to cook were designed into a seaweed product. The name ‘haeroot’ came from integrating the Korean term ‘hae’ that refers to the ocean and the English term ‘root’ together. Neat Ming-style font was used for the logo type to grant a natural and clean image and natural leaves were used for the design. Clear and high chroma colors were used to distinguish it from other products in the market and design was conducted according to different types with mountains as color green, ocean as color blue, land as color brown, and the sun as color orange. The form of was created into a quadrangle shape just like seaweed. For the graphics, it was expressed so that quadrangles that resemble the shapes of seaweed are layered and piled up in the bottom in order to express land and color changes were made accordingly.

MerryBerry by EunHae LeeT

First, for Image Motive, used kinds of berry to show intuition. Second, for Type, expressed cute image through POP handwriting style in harmony with graphic. Third, for Color, used Pastel tone to give a feeling of sweet and softness, showing intimacy with a comfortable color tone in low chroma. Forth, for Logo, expressed the profile of berry in simple way. It is symbolized to drink softly by making it look as if a form of clouds. Additionally, for the whole graphic image, feeling like freshness of berry, used circular shape to emphasize the cuteness as a whole.

T-tok byLee seul-ji
Packaging Contents: film type petal paper gargle

This product is film type gargle made of petals .I named it T-tok because you can have the fresh time in your mouth while you are gargling.

Since this gargle is not liquid gargle but film type gargle like a paper, there is no risk to spill and you can use it easily in everywhere. In addition, due to the fact that this gargle is made of petals, you can feel real natural fragrance and flavor. I was trying to give you a gargle image from its shape so I designed it as big-mouse animals such as crocodiles in order to deliver cute image which enables you to feel that these animals clean up in your mouth. On top of that I also used teeth and water in order to get you feel it as a gargle.

4ding by Lee Jinmi
Packaging Contents: Fruit Pudding

Using seasonal fruits, we made this pudding package. For instance, we used fruits in seasons like strawberry representing spring, watermelon representing summer, and pomegranate representing autumn, and mandarin representing winter. The number “4” in 4ding represents the number of four seasons, four flavor and four color and “ding” in 4ding is derived from pudding. we compose fruit images on the upper surface and pudding images beneath the surface to make the general silhouette look like the shape of pudding.

We utilized following Chinese characters to represent each season: 春 for spring, 夏 for summer, 秋 for autumn, and 冬 for winter. In order to highlight and let people recognize at first glance, we have put extended version of fruit images on the front.

Osambang by Kim Sang-woo

Unlike the traditional image for the red ginseng, the image of the organic ginseng is design to focus on a more classy image. The design is motive by the red lantern. The overall design is cover with purple and the main point is the crimson color of the ginseng flower which articulate the beauty of ginseng. Logotype are straight and confidence gothic series typeface.The logo color texture is the color of the “light” which is bright yellow. Inside the package also good energy spreading out significant the meaning of “light,” and the red color uses intense and energetic color which gives a different feeling then the outside image. Opening the package has a small container of ginseng extract and by using a spoon you can eat it.

Osambang by Seo yuri

The key concept to my design is to show the sophistication and trust which suits the organic high-quality ginseng. First, the product’s logo type employs ming-style font with silver,gold effect to show the high quality. The main color of the product is toned-down navy, to provide calm and refined atmosphere overall. In the aspect of graphic motive, curves are used to show ginseng’s scent spreading with the root simultaneously. Lastly, in order to show the sophistication and trust of the product I decided the shape motive from the Chinese character “信”. By simplifying each shape of the stroke in “信”, the ginseng extract was formed.

Osambang by Choi-Jeehye

自然蔘房 is an organic ginseng brand originated from an idea of natural beauty(自然美人). This organic ginseng product emphasizes the premium luxury brand images. The product package is motivated by ‘Hanbok’ which is the Korean traditional clothes and tried to convey the image of Hanbok’s natural beauty. A major feature of package box is the twisted structure which can hold two ginseng bottles together. This package design is motivated by the extraction process of oriental medicine using porous fabric made of hemp cloth and two thick sticks. Each bottle can be taken out through the top and bottom side of the twisted rectangular box. A ginseng shape is used as the main graphic design of the product to convey a strong image and decorated with ginseng patterns similar to ‘hanbok’ symbols to remind the natural beauty of ‘hanbok’. The color of package box is black and grey which gives grand and luxurious images. Calligraphy (the color of Marsala was applied) is engraved as a logotype to deliver elegant, high-class image of products.

Osambang by Oh Se-hee
Packaging Contents: Red Ginseng

Osambang is an organic ginseng product targeting for Chinese in age between 40 to 50. I designed this products and used a type of calligraphy in order to show that products are cultivated organically in nature and I also adopted silver color to add exclusivity. Colors used in the product is applied purple which Chinese prefers and marsala color to add exclusivity which are compatible to the targeted age. The graphic of outbox is implemented Chinese traditional graphics and implemented form of ginseng graphic. The shape of outbox is inspired by the appearance of ginseng and i produced the shape of the outbox as product is covered with hands to show trust and faith.

Osambang by Lee seul-ji

This is a Luxury-designed Red-ginseng package. I tried to make a strong and trustful logo by using a solid font. Also, I adjusted consistency in order to express leaf’s mystique based on its nobility.

By using a Red-ginseng’s leaf and flower motif, flower is used for the top and leaf is used for the side. Outer box with a motif of leaves and flowers of Red-ginseng, the top is represented using a circle and a flower side
was represented by greenish leaf like that.

Osambang by Ki Kyeong-Seon

It is a Korean red ginseng product that targets on China. It is a package that was designed with the goal of a design which provides a distinguished and luxurious impression in contrast to previous red ginseng packages that are sold in the market.

It was considered that design that is faithful to simplicity and basic conditions is the most luxurious design so significant changes were not made on the external form of the packaging box as luxury was aimed to be identified from the basic form. For the logo type, color red was used as it is preferred by China and widely used for red ginseng products.

The overall base color displayed the color of red ginseng and the inside was expressed in green to make it seem as if it holds the properties of nature. For the overall graphic and liquid container type, it was designed by using the section form of ginseng along with growth ring, which has the meaning of long life, as the motifs.

Osambang by Chu jiseon

The whole color of package expresses the image of the nature using Chinese favorite red colors of soil, implying mysterious energy of ginseng through gradation of diverse colors. The color of logo also shows luxury with Chinese favorite gold and red colors.

The typeface of logo puts emphasis on luxury through letters in calligraphy, additionally expressing the flagship red ginseng brand with ginseng graphic in the logo. The graphic was motivated from the appearance of ginseng’s energy being extended and silhouette of its root.

The shape of package box was motivated from ginseng’s fruit in fan-shaped, the container shape was motivated from the heart of body to imply healthiness, the pouch shape was motivated from a flexible curved line of ginseng.

Osambang by Lee Jinmi

Osambang is a premium ginseng product targeted for Chinese that is made up of Korean organic ginseng. The naming of logo is 自然蔘房. We utilized calligraphy in order to express the flow of nature and the peaceful atmosphere. We combined the Chinese letter 自 that stands for nature and image of mountain to highlight the image of nature. we added graphical requisites that remind of knots to emphasize trust and confidence. For the pouch, we used curves, facets, and the image of ginseng farm to express the nature and highlight our usage of organic ginseng for the graphical elements.

By using facets and curves, we tried to express the feeling of exclusivity. For the usage of color, we used low chroma for the impression of color for the green affiliation of ginseng farm and brown that is close to black to express weighty feeling of exclusivity.

Osambang by Kimeunjin

Unlike the typical and stereotypical image of ginseng, I attempted to make completely different image. Not only limited in the domestic market but to increase export, I chose to work on the logo of Ja Yeon Sam Bang, which refers to organic ginseng, by using outstanding, clean, and easily-readable calligraphy. I also initiated to make the logo containing the reliable image with the powerful mood the calligraphy exerts. Elegant and soft brown color was used on the design considering that the main target of the product is middle-aged people.

For the motif of the package, I was inspired to use the shape of mountain, for the mountain is the main habitat of ginseng. Thus, the package is composed of smooth lines, which was motivated from the shape of mountain, and allows the users to open up and close down. The graphic motif of this design is the leaf and flower of ginseng to highlight the identity of the brand. Brown as the main color, I emphasized on the silhouette of leaf and flower by using yellow and orange, green on the lid, and put the traditional pattern on the background.

Osambang by Kim Jung-ah

The design Tema is premium of Korean red ginseng, It is selling on The China Market. The target is middle age, so it is motivated by theirs preference. Whole frame simplifies dragon’s head, The box is opened bottom to top. Also the cap has marble shape, it can feel the box look like ‘Cintamani’ The paint spreading in graphic design gives expression to effectiveness And In order to emphasis luxurious and subtleness, use pink, purple and blue on the background.

Osambang by Noh A-Rim

Thumb, is a Portuguese expression that means “very good, sufficient”. Also in Korea when people try express that something is the best they raise their thump up. This outbox design to has been taken from that meaning to Refer to the best red ginseng. It means that When you eat red ginseng your health is at its best and the ingredients are the best.

This graphic motive is spread around the body. In the logo They used a soft ming-style font to show the softness of the red ginseng, and put a leaf on the logo to give the impact of the nature which the red ginseng came from.

Osambang by Kwon Min-jeong

Design direction was decided on the following order: graphic, logo type, color then shape. To differentiate high quality organic ginseng, its motif is from luxury, nature friendly image and wellbeing image. Graphic motif was many simple graphics based on ginseng leaves and fruits. Using this graphic, design that ginseng’s energy spreads softly like scent of flower will make consumers feel dreamy and differentiate this product from others. Logotype was designed with implication of thin and graceful ginseng roots and its fruits, that consumers will feel the elegance and trust. Based on CMF color trend’s Neo luxury color, we used dignified and quiet main color and mixture of luxurious wine color and Marsala color, this year’s trend, as point color. To show its wellbeing image, motif of out box and bottle’s shape was body of healthy and slender woman. Applied to this, we used same graphic for out box and pouch, and designed the bottle with convex golden side to give it unity and make it to look like a complete set.

Osambang by Son yae-lyn

Packages over all images are designed based on the concept of Chinese imperials and Chinese houses. At first, I used calligraphy with red and gold, very popular color that Chinese prefer, in order to express power on the type of logos. Moreover, I applied the images of spread ginseng’s deep fragrance in this product. In addition, I supplied curved wave design to harmonize with boxes’ structure. I colored the bottom of box darkly and the upper of box brightly by using gradation to give the image of expression of ascending incense. The other boxes design’s’ motifs came from the Chinese imperial dignity and Forbidden City’s doorplate, having all traditional marvelous. A container shape’s symbol is a line that symbolizes healthy bodyline. This shape is easy to harmonize with other boxes. The pouch is designed based on Forbidden City’s doorplates and the concept of Chinese imperial’s crown structure. The cap, inside of the pouch and the container, shows that simplification of Chinese imperials crown.

Osambang by EunHae Lee

Speaking about 5 directions of my package design – First, the image motive expresses mysterious impression. Second, the Mingcho typeface implies a luxurious and tranquil image. Third, the color implies mysterious feeling, showing clarity with definite color tone. Forth, the shape is inspired from the leaf and root of ginseng, as being sophisticated and simple. Fifth, the logo implies a harmony with the nature as serene by showing the feeling of soil and circle like full moon.

The whole graphic expresses mysterious image taking the extensity of ginseng’s fruit and leaf. Also, warm colors were chosen to show getting energy and enthusiasm by taking ginseng’s extract.

Osambang by Jo hye-in

To add a more profound and luxurious image, curve were used to create a new design that is distinguished from other design. For the naming part, Ming-style font was used to express a luxurious and soft image. The box form was designed in a way so that the consumers can easily open the product and also to make sure that the structure reflected on the form of the product. It actually attracted more attention than other products when it was displayed and focus was placed on effective structure of product display. The motif was taken from the process of boiling the ginseng and the structure of the box was given shape in a curved manner. In case of the container and the pouch structure, it expressed the image of a drop of ginseng resulting from devotion during the boiling process. The graphic image expressed the fragrance rising from the ginseng roots by using graphics and the colors vary yet they are balanced so the effects of ginseng were further optimized.

The motif was taken from the process of boiling the ginseng and the structure of the box was given shape in a curved manner. In case of the container and the pouch structure, it expressed the image of a drop of ginseng resulting from devotion during the boiling process.

Osambang by Kim Ye Eun

First, for graphic design, ginseng silhouette suitable for the ginseng package was expressed and using lines of various colors, the background was expressed to make it look mysterious. Various lines embody what the good effects of ginseng spread softly in our body.

Second, as a font, calligraphy that looks soft, was used and a dark color was added to the back of the font to improve clear vision and concentration.

Lastly, this package design was inspired by the Korean traditional roof tiles and designed to show traditional feelings and modern feelings at the same time.

Osambang by Han Yeong Sun

First, the best quality of Osambang was expressed as a design concept. For the brand logo, a circular symbol, which embodies ginseng was used to give trust of luxury ginseng and as a logo type, powerful and luxurious font was used.

Second, as a graphic motif, the body, legs and roots of ginseng were embodied and the pleats and curves of the silky texture were used as the whole background to express the image of luxury using marcella colors. Also, four squares and S line that means a healthy body, were added.

Third, ‘8’ is the number preferred in China, so the package simplifies the octagon to express the healthy body line.

Osambang by Lim seo-hyeon

This is a red ginseng pouch package design of the red ginseng brand, ‘Jayeonsambang (自然蔘房)’. This packaged was designed for export to China. In this design, Ming-style font, which looks luxurious and neat was used and the stroke of ‘蔘’ has a shape of Ginseng to show this is a red ginseng brand. Also, based on the traditional five colors of Korea, this has harmonious colors, which contain positive meanings in China, since this is for export to China. The graphic is expressed luxuriously and dignifiedly using the dragon sacred in China and the Dangcho pattern that has been widely used in Asia is used to emphasize tradition and luxury. The package expresses a simplified shape of a falcon flapping the wings to harmonize with the magnificence of the dragon. Overall, black color was used to express a simple, but dignified and luxurious design. In addition, the cap of the pouch has red color preferred by Chinese people, gold color and natural green color for expressing organic ginseng. But the colors are toned down to look dignified and harmonize with each other.

Osambang by Jang Eun-jin

This design will be better than any other thing that features the best ginseng. To put it concretely, I designed scent, giving off from flowers by the graphical curve. The curve actually makes the scent of ginseng distinct, which can lead people to trust the product. I stressed well-being through ginseng through the shape of boxes. Besides, I put an emphasis on the round shape, which gave a sort feeling. It was based on the figure of women.

In addition to it, I tried to express the positive image of health, when people have ginseng, inasamuch as I could feel the strength, through the stoke I made. And that’s not all, what I would like to stress is the neat design that was expressed decently without any extra sophisticated elements in order to make it clear to notice the brand name well. Among other things, I made containers with an identical form, as if they looked like one package.

When it comes to the color I used, I used red that Chinese people prefer. I attached the importance to the dark color in the background. That’s why I believe ginseng was highly stressed. Simply put, The bottom line is, I gave it a try to convey others a natural features through ginseng. Through this design, I bet you can feel the scent of ginseng an good heath as well.

Osambang by Jeon se-ran

Our package is designed for the best ginseng product. The person consuming ginseng feels strength and the design focuses on giving trust to the customers. Customers in their 40s and 50s are the target of our advanced product. With the type of basic square shaped pouch we put ginseng’s curve and advanced the product. We used a graphic to show the spread of ginseng’s strenth and smell. Also, to lessen the weight of the box we lowered the color saturation, and we gave the logo red, golden, and silver color to give an upgraded feel and stimulate our target’s attraction. And by using the graphic’s color we believe it is possible to get traditional image. The pouch differentiates the color of entrance area.

Osambang by Lee YoonA

This is a package designed for a red ginseng product. For the design aim, upright and natural Gothic font was used to add reliability and the use of traditional patterns expressed ‘red ginseng with long traditions.’ In addition, color yellow that takes after gold was used to emphasize luxury. The graphic motif involved the use of a yellow gradation for the graphic that shows how red ginseng is carefully boiled down and every drop of the red ginseng was included and this made way of making the package look luxurious. In additionally, images of healthy red blood cells were used to signify that ‘eating red ginseng products leads to health’ and connect to the concept of health and reliability. A red ginseng was included in the background to emphasize that it is a red ginseng product. The motif of a trophy was used to link the product with the phrases ‘best, first ranking’ as well as the concept of intaking the best product. Dark brown was used for the overall color as it portrays oriental medicine in order to express it in a calm and sophisticated manner.