I’m Chia, 100% Organic Food

Derrick Lin


Agency: Studio DEZA
Project manager: Ekaterina Saburova
Art Director: Oleg Schegel
Designer: Olga Baol
Copywriter: Julia Bibisheva
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Perfect Organics
Location: St.-Petersburg, Russia
Packaging Contents: Chia seeds
Packaging Materials: Paper, Foil, Plastic

To create series of packaging for food products made of chia seeds. To introduce the product, yet not very well known in Russia, to the customers. To reflect its natural origin and healthy qualities.

The packaging of chia seeds products became a character, that speaks in the first person. Firstly it introduces itself: «I’m chia, 100% organic food”. Then it tells about the nutrients contained in chia, using the comparison with other products, familiar to the consumers. The packaging demonstrates, that only one tablespoon of chia seeds or oil a day can substitute a considerable part of human diet.
We gave the information concisely with help of infographics in line-art technique. Large lettering, areas of pure color refer to the Scandinavian style. Warm green color and paper texture underline organic origin of the product.

What’s Unique?
The packaging speaks with the customer, telling him about the product using infographics language.