La Gondola – Filetes de Cavala and Bacalhau



Agency: Candesign
Designer: Ana Lisa Luças
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Fabrica de conservas La Gondola
Location: Lavra, Portugal
Packaging Contents: Fish
Packaging Materials: Paper

We created a new packaging for Lidle’s seasonal promotion in discount supermarkets.

The La Gondola brand is one of the remaining traditional canned fish factory in Portugal still using the “pre-cooked” method. This process ensures the production of top quality food.

Candesign advised the client that a new image had to be developed to avoid confusion and not losing consumers who want to have different products that are not available for discount. So the challenge was to have a strong image that it will be recognized as a La Gondola product but at the same time to be completely different, with a new La Gondola logo for just hard discount.

What’s Unique?
Because it is a hard discount product we used vertical reading instead the usual horizontal. So we have more space in the shelf. To have a differentiating factor of the usual “La Gondola” brand we changed the logo keeping all the elements but having them in different importances. It was a difficult challenge because we had to please the hard discount request with out losing the appreciated singularity of a traditional factory that the usual clients have. Because a deal like this can really make big damages in a brand, you can loose the usual clients and just make one big sell for a hard discount.