Nougâteau (Student Project)

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Derrick Lin


Designer: Joy Li
Project Type: Student Project
School: University of Technology, Sydney
Course: Visual Communication
Tutor: Sarah Jane Jones
Location: Sydney, Australia
Packaging Contents: Nougat
Packaging Materials: Coloured Cardstock

A series of 3 packaging designs conceived in response to the design brief, ‘Love at First Sight’, a story of seduction between the product and the user.

As nougat is famous for the colourful stories that we weave through its origins, the design proposal attempts to establish the veracity of its origins in uncovering the legends and traditions of this sweet confection through a playful and original manner.

Each individual design showcases a symbolic building representative of an origin country in Nougat’s history. The packaging achieves its nostalgic quality through its contrast between muted pastel tones and detailed renderings. Each package delivers individual qualities through both colour and typographic detailing that pairs with each style of nougat to its sophisticated and authentic flavours.

Without compromising the natural allure and visual appeal of nougat, transparency is achieved through the imaginative integration of die-cuts within the artworks, giving a subtle yet indicative hint into its contents. Focusing on sustainable printing practices, cost-saving methods, such as the minimisation of ink use through the use of coloured stocks as well as the creation of dynamic die cut forms, were considered in place of superfluous embellishments.

As both a vessel and a collectible, the design outcome serves as a representation of the culture, craft and tradition of the widely enjoyed nougat.

What’s Unique?
Nougâteau is a premium confectionery product that aims to charm their customers through their whimsical and architecturally inspired shape and design. Removing it from its traditional modes of presentation, the design outcome explores a distinctive way of storytelling in order to create a thoughtful and charming experience for it’s nougat loving consumers.