Agency: Dentsu-Dojo
Chief Creative Officer: Joey Ong
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Cultured Caveman
Location: Philippines
Packaging Contents: All-natural Hand made Soap
Packaging Materials: Recycled Paper

We wanted to create a soap product that we can market specifically for the modern man and the naughty woman. The type you wouldn’t be shy to display in your man cave. Forget about your Irish Spring and have The Man Soap in your bath to add some mood to that special showering moment. This All-natural Hand Made soap uses Coconut Oil and Palm Oil as base with added natural scents from Floral, to Fruity and Spice. It comes in 12 scents and is guaranteed to set the mood for any modern gentleman…Cultured Caveman.

What’s Unique?
The soap packaging has interesting messages that makes it unique.