These Are Graphite Pencils (Student Project)



Designer: Erin Worner
Project Type: Student Project
School: UW- Stout
Course: Graphic Design II
Tutor: Alex DeArmond
Location: Menomonie
Packaging Contents: Graphite Pencil Case
Packaging Materials: Metal, Plastic, Paper, Adhesive

The purpose of the assignment was to think of a object or brand in particular to repackage. The product I used was Faber Castels 6 pack of graphite pencils. I wanted to create a pencil case that one would want to keep. The case was painted over in black, eliminating the advertisement on the case itself. The busy list of information was removed and placed on the sleeve of the pencils so one could remove the information after purchase. The bright graphics are overlaid the cover and the inside as well. The pencils are obviously labeled by their graphite weight to have easy access to the pencil of your choosing without picking each pencil up and individually looking through the set.

What’s Unique?
The repackaging of this project is special because it not only are the pencils redesign but same with the case itself as well as adding an additional sleeve for a more productive designed approach. This new set broadens the audience of buyers for graphite pencils. This is a eye grabbing design which will make the viewers drive to grab and purchase this product over others higher.