Osti 01 Cheese Planer

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Agency: LAND Designlab
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Osti / Rollex ApS
Location: Denmark

The hanger card for the “Osti 01 Cheese Planer” harnesses the power of paper: the rigidity of a well formulated paper board, combined with carefully proportioned cuts; two opposed half-ellipsoids, inspired by Osti’s “Ostillipsoid” shape, enable the hanger card to hold the cheese planer by itself without any assembly – no glue, strips or blister. This enables an improved tactile feel of the product in the buying situation, a cleaner visual appearance – and saved resources. The result is a competitive packaging design, easy to produce, assemble and detach – reducing cost and complexity throughout the supply chain, while adding value all the way to the user’s table.

The new Osti 01 cheese planer is designed for cutting hard and semihard cheeses with ease. The Osti 01 gives the user optimum performance and smooth, even slices with its durable construction, tactile design and precisely engineered non-stick surface – making the Osti 01 a joy to use. To obtain the best possible structural strength, the handle’s side curvatures are designed to distribute material tension optimally during use. This enables a light, rigid framework for a solid feel and easy operation, while minimizing resource usage in production. The Osti 01 proves that everyday utensils can be aesthetically pleasing and wellperforming at a reasonable price.