Rare Batch Brewing (Student Project)



Designer: Patrick Dewenter
Project Type: Student Project
School: Northern Kentucky University
Course: Senior Capstone
Location: Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
Packaging Contents: Beer
Packaging Materials: Glass, Metal, Paper, Wood

“I’ve spent my life discovering a love for making. It’s become a passion for process, for using my hands to create and share. For my Senior Capstone, I chose to emphasize process, its adaptive nature and creative flexibility through the packaging and identity system for a brewery called Rare Batch Brewing Collaborative.”

“Experimentation with creativity and process are at the core of our passion for making beer, and so are you. Rare Batch is a working brewery who loves to put a twist on the craft brewing trend when you take home a batch with your own name on it. Forget the rules in the brew book! We set thew stage for the DIY minded who want to experiment, learn and play. At Rare Batch, you’re the brewer. And better yet, your recipe can be voted into production and distribution as a seasonal release. Come hang at Rare Batch and enjoy some suds from the house or sign up to brew your own under the guidance of our experts.”

What’s Unique?
As a participant in brewing your own Rare Batch, you get to experiment, be creative and have fun while learning how to make beer. The best part? You or lucky friends get to enjoy beer made by your own hands which is packaged with your own signature right on the label!

“The labeling system for Rare Batch uses color to define beer type along with a numeric language to define style, brew date and batch number. Lagers and Ales are the two main categories of beer which are distinguished by cool and warm palettes, reflecting their general fermentation temperatures. The shape is inspired by facets from the primary logo-mark combining a hop and crystal. Its modular nature allows a systemic customization displaying information for each Rare Batch. And of course one of the best parts is having your own signature on the label!”