Straw Pak (Student Project)

Derrick Lin


Designers: Jee Na Jun, Chang Hyun Cho, Dae Kwan Park, Seung Woo Jung
Project Type: Student Project
Schools: Hongik University & Kookmin University
Location: South Korea

Many drinks come in Tetra Pak cartons because it’s cheap and convenient. To drink from a Tetra Pak, you need a straw, which is usually attached to the outside of the Tetra Pak and can therefore be easily damaged or removed. In addition, as the straw is made of plastic and covered with vinyl for hygiene reasons, it represents a waste of resources. With Straw Pak, both the straw and the Tetra Pak are made from one piece of paper. As here the straw isn’t easily lost or damaged and doesn’t require any extra materials, it saves both resources and space.