Starbucks Tea Boxes (Student Project)

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Derrick Lin


Designer: Marie Valencia
Project Type: Student Project
School: Daedalus
Tutor: Simon Barnett
Awards: Starpack Student Awards 2014 (Gold Winner), DS Smith Packaging 2nd Prize Sponsored Award
Location: Auckland, New Zealand
Packaging Contents: Tea
Packaging Materials: Corrugated Board, Cotton, Wax

The brief was to create a more cost effective, environmentally conscious and visually appealing alternative to the existing package.

To answer this, I used corrugated cardboard to replace metal, plastic and other material excesses. This employs creative folding, scoring and etching techniques to showcase the final design solution. Sealing wax and organic cotton threads further support an environmental conscious outcome.

There is no printing involved however the boxes can adapt to more conventional finishing and folding practices, such as printing rather than etching and folding rather than scoring.

What’s Unique?
Aside from the packaging requiring no printing involved, it employs a combination of finishing processes to produce the result. It’s tactile quality and general box aesthetic makes it unique.