Lazy snail Design

Ryvangs Allé 8, 2100 København, Denmark

Design Agency: Lazy Snail
Creative Director: Eleni Pavlaki
Art Director: Serafim Stroubis
Photographer: Jannik Weylandt
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Tsatsakis s.a.
Location: Heraklion, Greece
Packaging Contents: Rusks, crisps, breadsticks, tomato, olive oil

Since 1998 Tsatsakis SA has been using pure ingredients to make baking products inspired by the famous Cretan diet, always based on the local tradition.

Considering these facts, we redefined the whole rusks series by redesigning both the logo and the packages.
We had a minimal approach, creating a clean-cut package with a pop touch that aim at launching an up-to-date version of the series. Therefore, we created two oval cut-outs on both sides of the package, so as to create a «fresh» image of the product and retain the logo as a centerpiece in the same time.

The color combination of white, yellow and black refers to the strong sense of tradition through a contemporary approach that makes the Tsatsakis rusks stand out on the shelf.