Vibes Earphones (Concept)

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Derrick Lin


Designer: Adamantia Chatzivasileiou
Project Type: Concept
Location: Athens, Greece
Packaging Contents: Earphones
Packaging Materials: Plastic, hard paper

Music is a powerful form of expression, which has led many of its genres to the development of truly unique visual identities. The design of the ‘Vibes’ packaging enables the consumer to express hers and his own unique style when choosing earphones.

Five artists coming from five music genres were selected (Lady Gaga – pop, Mick Jagger – rock, Iggy Pop – punk,
Ozzy Osbourne – metal, Snoop Dogg – rap) who are not only iconic representatives of their respective genres but who have also left their mark through their distinct aesthetic and eccentric characteristics of their personality, rendering them ‘cult figures’ of the music industry.

The area of their ‘eyes’ is where the earphones are attached while in their ‘mouth’ there is a special slot around which the earphones’ cord can be wrapped, giving the opportunity to the buyer to continue using the package as a storage box. The ‘fun illustration’ elements which characterize the different package designs are meant to express each artist’s personal musical identity. Lastly, the package is placed in a plastic exterior for its commerical availability.