Mampe Berlin

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Derrick Lin


Designer: Ingmar Koglin
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Mampe Berlin
Location: Berlin, Germany
Packaging Contents: Liquor, Alcohol, Oranges, Herbs
Packaging Materials: Glass

Mampe is a traditional liquor manufacturing company established in the 19th century by Berlin medical consultant and pharmacist Dr. Carl Mampe and his sons. Between 1890 and 1980 the brand enjoyed a high popularity in Germany, which resulted in up to 70 products of liquors, brandies and other spirituous beverages being sold in over 11,000 shops world-wide.

I was to give the mostly forgotten Berlin traditional brand a new package design for their famous liquor ‘Mampe Halb & Halb’. The project was introduced as a pitch in 5th semester of my design studies. The client decided to realize my drafts for the final products to be launched on the German food retail market. Following up a moodboard from my research on this topic.

Design & Presentation
Designing a bottle is very exciting. Especially the form finding process has been a whole new experience to me. I was able to realize my first prototypes as plaster models right at the engine lathe in the atelier. Having something made directly with and for your own hands is a special moment in developing a product design. You get a real sense of measurements, textures, contrasts or colors. All that helps with making the right decisions or being sure about those you’ve already made on the way. I wanted to translate the elephant used for the logo into the bottle’s shape. Not only the brand but also it’s most important signature product should communicate that you’re about to touch an elephant of Berlin history and tradition.