Megafyt Pharma – Children’s teas


Kafkova 527/10, 160 00 Praha 6-Dejvice, Česko

Design Agency: DePOT Design
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Megafyt Pharma
Location: Prague, Czech Republic

Complete portfolio redesign of children’s products.

Europlant is a company that operates on the Czech pharmaceutical market in the segment of traditional medicines and food supplements. The company decided to strengthen the Megafyt brand by restructuring part of the portfolio. The reason for the formation of the new graphics and the partial replacement of the portfolio was a long-term declining market share in the segment and lower demand for teas in pharmacies.

Children’s teas are perceived as a healthy and safe part of a hydration regimen. However, the pressure of the “ready to drink” segment is huge and even small children ask for these types of beverages. Therefore, we had to make the design exceptionally attractive with regard to this target group. Modern vivid design featuring a story, distinctive colors, and fresh ingredients are all elements that will motivate children and their parents to purchase these products. A figure of a dog used to be a key element in the design, which we replaced with the attractive bear. The bear is in different positions, activities, and helps in direct communication with the consumer. With respect to new moms in particular, the design uses elements inspired by baby food. A part of the project was complex design development of tea boxes, re-design of the tea bag, multipacks, gift packaging, POS, collectibles collection, etc.