Design Agency: TSMGO (The Show Must Go On)
Creative Director: Ricardo Moreno Rodríguez
Art and Design Management: Marta Terrazas & José Luis Casao
Client: Viña Martín
Location: Spain

Viña Martín: the subtle balance of a classic and modern Rioja.

In the 90s, new wines emerged in Rioja which fitted a more modern, more intense profile. It is time to transfer this evolution to the exterior design of the wine.

Viña Martín pays tribute to the classic Rioja, showing how tradition and current avant-garde wine-making – far from differing in their purpose – combine efforts to perfect their wines.

The whole family returns to the vintage look of classic Rioja labels, so its unmistakable origin may clearly be identified:

The old winery entrance door knocker is to be used as a hallmark. In the form of a lion, it protects access to the winery, and the fine wines of its cave.

Using strong, succulent, intense graphic artwork, full of nuanced details in a balanced manner, so that the brand is clearly perceived at first glance: a modern Rioja.

The legend which appears on the label expresses the intention of being difficult to forget: “Produced and bottled on the property, all wine packaging bearing the prestigious Viña Martin brand label shall be deemed authentic.”

Rich in printing techniques (stamping, embossing, selective varnish) designed to add small, barely noticeable improvements so that the whole is poignant and meaningful.