Bozita Nordic by Nature

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Design Agency: Momentum Sverige AB
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Bozita
Location: Gotheburg, Sweden
Packaging Contents: Dog food

Bozita is one of Sweden’s largest dog and cat food brands. In our society dogs are humanized and in the dog food industry the food is increasingly presented as well-prepared, carefully composed dishes. When Bozita wanted to offer its customers a premium food for dogs – with inspiration from the Swedish nature and our unique, natural ingredients – Momentum were commissioned to develop a new concept that would revolutionize the dog food shelf.

We created the concept Nordic by Nature, with unique taste sensations from north to south – Gotlandian lamb roast, Bohuslandian Fish Pot and Laplandian elk stew- and with a design that distinguishes itself from other brands and conveys a sense of Nordic nature.

With its clean and minimalistic design the packages emphasize premium. By embracing the philosophy that less is more the message became clearer and there is no doubt that the Nordic by Nature stands out in the dog food shelf.

What is also unique in the concept and its packaging is that we took the opportunity to use the back to more than content description. We communicate the concept and the brand to reinforce the feeling that this is the dog food prepared with care and love.

Needless to say the salesforce at Bozita loved it. And the stores made room on their shelves. Nordic by Nature has revolutionized the industry by pioneering ways to communicate dog food.