Brooklyn Grooming Facial Serum

Derrick Lin


Designer: Alfredo Ortiz Catedral
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Brooklyn Grooming
Location: USA
Packaging Contents: Natural Organic Facial Serum (moisturizer)
Packaging Materials: Paper

Brooklyn Grooming has been know in the men’s grooming industry for their iconic octopus tentacles, vintage nautical theme, and apothecary aesthetic

Every single product is manufactured by hand and in a small batches and using the highest quality ingredients

The challenge was to create a new box for their new Pilgrim’s Facial Serum (moisturizer) that would reflect the handcrafted nature of their products and also a fantastic product that works with any skin type

What’s Unique?
Handmade Illustrations, the use of a single color in different percentages to create more contrast and the representation of octopus tentacles for a ver effective skin product that works on “any” skin type.