Omega3 Ice Brain Boosters Ice Cream (Concept)



Design Agency: Sheridan&Co
Project Type: Concept
Location: London, United Kingdom
Packaging Contents: Omega3 Ice Brain Boosters Capsules

Omega3 Ice Brain Boosters ice cream is a new product and packaging design concept by international retail and brand design agency Sheridan&Co, hinged on the trend of healthy food indulgences.

OMEGA3 Ice Brain Boosters looks at ice cream and treats in a new light. These icy treats are packed full of rich nutrients and essential Omega3 fatty acids crucial for regulating heart and brain activity. These ‘Brain Boosters’ come in frozen fruity capsules that feel like taking a vitamin while tasting like ice cream! This playful concept flips the idea of ice cream being an un-healthy indulgence, turning it into a positive and an essential healthy treat. The products come in vitamin pill trays in a range of flavours and sets which sit in boxes to put in your freezer. The capsules themselves can be taken as a little icy treat, crushed over fruit, or popped into a smoothie or drink.

The brand identity plays on the trends of ‘soft pop’ and emotional and playful learning by ‘soft teaching’ tools that make sensitivity available to all, encouraging learning that reinforces positive, all-inclusive messages. The playfulness of the brand tools and graphics (the scattered patterns and fish) create a memorable and surprising experience that becomes a serious concept for making the design more approachable, showcasing the unexpected contrast between the sweet ice cream using bold colours and fun patterns with the mix of fish icons which hint at benefits of omega 3 within the product. The simplicity of the fonts balance out the colourful brand tools creating a perfect hierarchy of visual messaging.

What’s Unique?
Omega 3 Ice Brain Boosters are ice cream capsules infused with essential fatty acid, crucial for regulating heart and brain activity. What better way to get your daily dose than from delicious ice cream capsules packed with Omega 3.