Packaging You Shouldn’t Miss In March 2016

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Packaging of the World presents the top 10 posts for the month of March 2016. They are selected according to their post views, social shares, social likes, re-tweets repins and people reached. All these data were collected on this website and also on different platforms like our Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest page. These projects will definitely inspire you for your next design project!

What a good ‎hair‬ day for ‎Pasta‬! Concept ‪Packaging‬ designed by Nikita

Nikita creatively made use of the strands and shapes of pasta to create an interesting series of packaging that definitely capture attention on the shelves. An awesome head-turner!

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Watch Backbone Branding Squeeze & Fresh in action!

The idea that begins to act as an independent project worth to be produced and implemented into life.

Interactivity has become a powerful competitive advantage in nowadays market. Creating the “Squeeze & Fresh” juice cup we shared the idea of the package, which communicates. The label of the juice cup is simple but dynamic and it acts with you when you use it. It makes you excited, gives a creative mood and makes you feel a part of something.

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Molocow ‪UFO‬ ‪#‎Milk‬ ‪Concept‬ ‎packaging‬ designed by Imedia Creative Bureau

Molocow is a fun concept package for milk. We re-imagined milk bottle and package to appeal for kids. We created fun way to pack milk in an out of this world fashion.

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The ‪‎future‬ of ‪flower‬ ‪packaging‬ ‪‎student‬ ‪‎concept‬ by Johanna Brännström, Charlie Nyrjä, Alexandra Forssén & Camilla Edlund

The future of flower packaging. As a school project we were given a brief from Swedbag to update the flower packaging from todays solution. The packaging should work as a whole concept and be more environmentally friendly and give the consumer a holistic experience. The solution is a tape and glue free package that seals by a locking solution. The labels are not necessary to close the package but is used for branding opportunities. This shows a concept were the labels replace traditional greeting cards so you can give the flower package as a part of the gift.

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Day & Night ‪packaging‬ designed by Backbone Branding

Day & Night is a concept project that has a bi-facial nature that is injected in each of its design elements. The logo expresses the earth’s rotation with its shape symbolizing the change from day to night. The branding concept expresses the restaurant type that serves its dining during the day and the bar starts to act in the night. This duality of the restaurant living is clearly expressed in the pictured animals, illustrated in two different polarities.

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Frootloops ‎cereal‬ ‪packaging‬ designed by ‎student‬ Prachi Deshingkar, Shikha Kanakia

Frootloops is the preferred choice of breakfast for children all over the world. This packaging solution hopes to translate the delight and vibrancy of the doughnut shaped cereal, to its appearance on the shelf. This extends to the experience on the breakfast table as well, making a Frootloops breakfast a treat for the child’s eyes and taste buds!

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Mess free‬ ‪‎Spice‬ ‪packaging‬? ‎Student‬ ‪concept‬ designed by Risa Takeuchi

Spice Palette is an innovative solution for first time cooks. Mess-free, measure-free, and compact. Since this project was developed as a sub-brand for Fresh Direct, shipping-friendly, and easy convenient method of marketing spices were the main focus of this design.

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Xoconochco ‪Chocolate‬ ‪concept‬ ‪‎packaging‬ designed by Brand Brothers Russia

XONOCHOCO – a chocolate brand, the idea and the name of which has a truly historical roots. This is a story about the role of the ancient Aztecs in chocolate development, interpreted in packaging design. The name derives from the name of Xoconochco area conquered by the Aztecs, which had the largest plantation of cocoa beans. As we know cocoa beans were valued more than gold and served as currency.

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A fine example of ‪‎brand‬ and ‪‎packaging‬ becoming one – Schlossgut Lüll ‪‎wine‬ designed by Jonas Weber, Stanislaw Lewicki

Logo and product became one, which underpins the whole corporate design with its 5 black and white stripes.

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‪‎Rolling pin‬ ‪Pasta‬ ‪‎Packaging‬ with ‪spice‬ ‪‎bottle‬ ‪handle‬ designed by Breno Cardoso

A special packaging created to be used as a invitation for the launch party of the Sapore di Nonna, a company focused in handmade Italian pasta. This unique packaging is designed in the shape of a rolling pin and the caps are actually the spice bottles for easy cooking.

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