Authentic Honduran Cigars

Derrick Lin


Design Agency: ISKRA Creative agency
Designer: Bogdan Kravchenko
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Location: USA
Packaging Contents: Cigars

ISKRA Creative agency developed a new brand of Honduran cigars. Its identity is filled with rich Mayan history and authentic unique taste, which is strong, spicy and unforgettable. Creating packaging and image campaign to support Honduran House Blend agency team focused on unique features of the product, that is made of a unique tobacco leaf called corojo, as well as on a philosophy driven from Mayan legendary culture.

Bogdan Kravchenko comments: We actually loved working on this new trade mark of cigars. They are not that well known as Cuban, but it make them stand out in the world market and set a niche of authentic products. We tried to make a fusion between past and present of Mayan culture, history and mainly needs of a modern consumer. Honduran House Blend is a new and not yet recognized cigar product, but with phenomenal high quality. Even the name of the country in Spanish means depth. It’s so outstanding in its characteristics that perfectly suits any social subcultures from hipster, whoever you are, as long as you have free spirit.